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Getting organized simplifies your life but it takes a little planning.

If you have any questions about our Manage Me™ systems, then we are always on hand to answer your questions and help you unlock the key to a more organized life.

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General Questions

We are delighted to offer you the ultimate in life and healthcare organization. But we understand that getting organized requires getting things aligned in your mind before you can implement a new strategy. Here we hope we can answer some of the more prominent questions we get and that you no doubt have. If you don’t see your question here, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be only too happy to help.

What problem is this device solving?

The Manage Me ™ Life Pod and Health Pod are the ultimate, easy solution for storing and retrieving documents. From banking info, assets & debts, rental agreements, insurance policies, passport numbers, education and training certificates, healthcare history, you can keep everything securely in one place and eliminate the amount of time spent searching for important information scattered about your home.

Why the USB drive?

The USB drive keeps you completely safe from any cyber hacking risk, which is a common issue for cloud-based storage solutions. Simply attach or scan your vital documents directly to your USB pod and store securely in your safe place, be that a safety deposit box and ideally a second one with a friend or family member. You can also scan or copy passports, bankcards and other important pieces of information and store the photos on the drive so in case of loss or theft, the information is easily retrievable.

Why the PDF?

The simple fact is that some just prefer instant receipt of a product. In this instance, you will be emailed a full colour pdf version of My Life Manager © or My Health Manager © for you to use. Sharing of the PDF is prohibited as contents are © and ™.

Can I store more data on the USB Pod?

Absolutely! There is more than enough space on the USB pod to create your own bespoke data to suit your individual personality and unique lifestyle. Keep a duplicate USB in a fireproof box or a different location for the best possible safety mode.

Do I need a special app to open?

Yes. Step 1 is downloading the most recent Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader (free). We also recommend downloading a scanning app (Adobe Scanner free) that instantly converts your documents to PDF format. This simplifies the scanning process, as you don’t need to rely on hours of lengthy scanning at your computer. Simply open the scanner app, snap a picture of your document and it will instantly become a PDF that you can add to your Pod.

What operating system are the pods compatible with?

We are both IOS and Android compatible.

Can I share my files?

It is completely at your own discretion whether you choose to share your private files but never the template purchased as it has copyright © and Trade Marks ™ in place. For safety and security reasons, we recommend all storage be on the USB pod only as cyber-attacks can put your cloud data at risk.

If you need to retrieve a file to send in a professional capacity, such as in the case of replacing lost or stolen documents, you can certainly do this easily and efficiently.


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