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Manage Me ™: Life Pod

Manage Me ™: Health Pod

Manage Me ™: Life & Health Pod

The Manage Me ™ Life Pod and Health Pod were born out of recognizing the need for a secure digital way to keep personal files and documents safe. After my sister’s house burned down while she and her kids were at the cinema and she lost everything, I watched her painstakingly restore all her official documents such as passports, birth certs and other government issued and important papers over the next three years.

 Had she had a Life Pod in her purse or in a safety deposit box, it would have taken a fraction of the time to replace her vital papers and documents.

 And so the seed of an idea was planted to create a secure, digital device where you could store all your important documents.

 The idea evolved as I designed the prototype to be not just a safe document storage device, but a whole life management system.

 Life Management Made Easy!

 How Can the Manage Me ™ Life/Health Pod Organize My Life?



    • Keep all vital and important documents in one place for easy access & retrieval.
    • Store all emergency, medical, personal and business contacts in once place.
    • Set your daily, monthly and annual goals.
    • Set reminders to keep you on track with important dates and events.
    • Monitor and track finances with a range of budget forms and financial planning methods.
    • Keep track of your assets, insurance payments, debts and even photocopy and upload all cards in your wallet.
    • Keep a copy of any warranties, educational certificates, qualifications and many other things.
    • Maintain and update your personal health and family health history.
    • Keep records of screening lab tests, vitals, and health plans.