My Life Manager is personalized record keeper to fill with records of importance and personal information that will help one become better organized and prepared for everyday events, emergency or opportunity.

My Life Manager contains 12 sections (109 color pages) to complete with your personal information and you can add original or copies of documents to keep all your important and personal records in one place.

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My Life Manager  - Binder 3-hole format with plastic sleeves  - 109 COLOR PAGES

If improved organization of your important documents is needed then purchasing the My Life Manager PRINT is the solution for you.

Once your 3 hole punched color PRINT order is delivered you can add to your own binder (or order one from us) and start getting your life management under control.

My Life Manager print contains 12 sections to complete and file your documents in to keep all your important and personal records in one place.
However, a digital backup is recommended and can be added to your order in case of an unexpected emergency where they binder is not accessible.


  • Keep all vital and important documents in one place for easy access & retrieval.
  • Store all emergency, medical, personal and business contacts in once place.
  • Set your daily, monthly and annual goals.
  • Set reminders to keep you on track with important dates and events.
  • Monitor and track finances with a range of budget forms and financial planning methods.
  • Keep track of your assets, insurance payments, debts and even photocopy and upload all cards in your wallet.
  • Keep a copy of any warranties, educational certificates, qualifications and many other things.

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